“It is by action that a character of a person is revealed. And the truest character is revealed in most difficult times.”

Barfi is deaf and mute. But otherwise, he can still do some work and help his father in running home knowing that they are not very rich people and his father is old.  However, Barfi doesn’t do any work.

Just for knowing who is my best friend, Barfi cuts electric poles every now and then. Who cares if it causes the power cut to someone’s home? Government ka maal hai…karo destroy.

Just for fun, Barfi decides to sleep under the cover of a statue that is going to be inaugurated. He does have a home right?  Chaplin was a homeless guy in his film and wanted to sleep peacefully where no one would see him or kick him out. Do you think this scene was only there because of so called “Basu” inspiration? Did it have any meaning whatsoever in the film?

Barfi runs from law. Even mocks at law repeatedly. Barfi even physically abuses the policemen at many times.

Barfi falls for Shruti who is already engaged. She shows her engagement ring but he tells her to throw it away. In a weak moment, they kiss. Barfi assumes “kiss ho gaya…matlab mamla fit hai saala”. No need to ask the girl (she must break her engagement and marry him). He goes to her place uninvited, without any knowledge to the girl and meets her parents (the girl has no clue about it…he doesn’t cares if parents are shocked). When the girl is unable to reciprocate to him (her fiancée has come to meet her on the same day and she is in a difficult position…kuch to samjho bhai mere), he blames her, yells at her and even mocks at her. Does Barfi give any chance to Shruti for an explanation or does he just blames her for everything?

Barfi tries to rob a bank for money for his father’s operation. There is not a single soul who will help this guy in town. Some respect and love he has in town. He has a house, which he can mortgage or even sell it for the money. But when he can just go and rob a bank, why do all those things? Would you too rob a bank in similar situation?

If robbing a bank didn’t work, there is always the next plan to kidnap an autistic girl for money. Autistic hai…shor bhi nahi machayegi right? Would you too kidnap an autistic girl in similar situation?

Barfi punctures the tires of a moving vehicle. As a result, the vehicle crashes into a house. He runs away from the spot not caring if someone was hurt. Morally right thing to do?

After his father dies, Should Barfi not take Jhilmil to his home and make sure that he hands her over to his dad personally and then take all the accountability of his actions? Why he doesn’t do that? Fear of law?

Barfi lets Jhilmil stay with him knowing that she is autistic who needs help even for going to toilet. Who will look after her when he goes out for work? But Barfi needs someone to play hide and seek. Would you leave an autistic girl alone in house for all day? Why does Barfi not takes her back to her caring home? It shouldn’t have been that difficult to find out. Then why not?

Once Jhilmil disappears, for god sake, shouldn’t it be reported to the police? Shruti does. But what does Barfi do? Paani ka kulla and run away from police. Why does he NOT report that Jhilmil was missing to police? Why? Why does he run away? Is afraid that they will send him to prison? Is his own life now more important than finding Jhilmil?

When Shruti finally decides to leave her husband for Barfi (Poor husband…tch tch…kya bura kiya tha usne? Destiny? Fate?), what does Barfi do?

> Does he love Shruti back?  No.
> Does he send Shruti back? No.
> Does he cares that she left everything for him, her marriage was destroyed and “LEAST” he can do is talk to her about it? No.No.NO.

He doesn’t even acknowledges her presence in his house. But why should he? He didn’t invite her. If she wants to stay, then its not my problem. Its 2012…this is how it works right nowadays. Or was it 1960’s?

Only robinhood thing Barfi does – he steals from goods train (not from some wealthy guy) and gives away food to poor people. That food just may be for someone poor living somewhere…but who wants to know? Not that he is breaking any law.

So how do we define Barfi’s character by his “actions” only.
reckless? immature? morally wrong? good? humane? inspiring? profound?

In the end, Barfi finds Jhilmil. All’s well that ends well. The end justifies the means?

Are you thinking how sadistic and sarcastic all this sounds? Yes. BUT does that make the facts less true? All this DOES happen in the film.

How much of Barfi’s “actions” are “morally” right?

If this were a character of a someone not disabled, would you have rooted for him? If these actions were not shown in comical manner, would you’ve still found it commendable?

“What” action of Barfi in the film inspires you that you would also want to do in your life?

Is it possible that out of our prejudices, we took a pity at Barfi that he was able to do all these amazing “inspiring” things even when he is deaf and mute and we just couldn’t see was he doing morally right things in the film?

Is it possible that all the beautiful colors, the “amelie” music and comic treatment felt so nice n good that you did not see what Barfi was “really” doing in the film?

By now, I am sure you’ve seen these other blogs on so called “inspirations/homages”…but just in case you haven’t.

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3 thoughts on “Barfi.

  1. shyam

    very apt….even with all the copy paste scenes, Barfi is illogical, slow, unclear and boring at times- actually many a times


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